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Never ever miss a new property that fits within your budget (affordable), Use the form below to subscribe for property alerts from the Real Estate Database (RED), you will receive the latest listings (within your budget) straight into your inbox/app, be the first to know when a property that fits within your budget is uploaded into the database.

Property type
Min budget - Shs
Max budget - Shs
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We are not including a location criteria on the subscription form since we believe that your budget will easily determine the kind of location that you need, eg we do not expect a person who would like to rent in Kawempe to enter a minimum budget of 2,000,000 Shs for rentals or 2B Shs for sales since such houses are not there in that area, and we also think that a person who is interested to rent in Naguru cannot enter a maximum budget of 1,000,000 Shs or 200M for houses on sale since most of the houses in that area are above that amount.

NB: When you received a property that is not in the location of your choice it will still give you a good comparison of what to expect since its within your desired price range.

Updating your subscription 
In order to update your subscription (eg to change your budget), simply enter a new budget range and (re)subscribe with the same email address.

To (un)subscribe simply put a zero for both Max and Min budget and you will not receive any more alerts since there are no zero priced properties in the database.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are receiving too many (or too few) property alerts that do not seem to satisfy your needs, then it's most likely that the "budget range" which you entered ealier is too wide (or too small) and thus out of scope, therefore; you will need to update/reduce/increase your budget range by re-entering your new budget range into the form above using the same email address.

An ideal range for rentals would be a difference of 500,000 between the Minimum budget and Maximum budget, while an ideal range for properties on sale would be a difference of 50,000,000

App notifications Vs Email alerts
When you subscribe using the Real Estate Database App on your android phone, your notifications will be in real time (instant), however if you register using your web browser then your alerts will only come on monthly basis.

Free service
This property alert system is a free property monitoring service suitable for anyone who would like to be informed whenever a property that fits his/her budget is uploaded into the database. "NO MORE SEARCHING, LET YOUR PROPERTIES FIND YOU!"

Are you an agent?
Your latest properties can be distributed in form of alerts, all you need to do is to Register right now and link your website to the Real Estate Database (RED) so that you too can send property alerts to potential buyers.


( ... new properties every hour).

The Real Estate Database (RED) is largest network of real estate websites in Uganda, the aim of the RED is to interlink all real estate websites so as to create a massive pool of 1000s of properties in one place, ie when you search the RED you get results from multiple websites, its a property index or a property listing system which has successfully been used by major Real Estate Agents plus Realtors and Developers in order to ensure maximum exposure of properties for sale or rent on the internet. The RED can also be referred to as “a property search engine” or Multiple Listing Server because it interlinks multiple real estate websites and thus creates a very wide variety of listings from all prime areas.  You can use the RED to find houses for rent in Kampala Uganda, houses for sale in uganda, apartments for rent or land for sale in Uganda. The RED has furnished and unfurnished houses or residentials and commercial properties of different types for sale or rent that include: bungalows, semi detached, studio apartments, maisionettes, mansions, Shell houses, cottages and condominiums. Other types of properties include: Prime Office space, land and plots from several real estate agents and realtors located in Kampala Uganda.

Apartments, Bungalows, Mansions, Cottages, Villas, Semi Detached houses, Maisionettes, Shell Houses, Studios, Duplex houses, Pent-houses, Town Houses, Apartment (whole) blocks, etc

... check the database now for all types of houses.


"CLick" on any location of your choice to get listings within that location.

» 2 Apartments for rent in Kulambilo Kampala » 2 Apartment blocks for rent in Kulambilo Kampala » 1 Bungalows for rent in Kisaasi Kampala » 1 Apartments for rent in Kisaasi Kampala

Agricultural land, Residential land, Commercial land, Industrial land, Recreational land, Multi Purpose Land

... check the database now for all types of land.


Do you need help with your property search? (eg: you don't know the location names and places or prices)
... feel free to contact any of the agents below for guidance regarding the best available options that fit your property needs.


Fully serviced office space

 Plazas, Towers, Malls, Arcades.

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NB: The request box below is specifically designed for those who are looking for something that is unique or out of the ordinary.


You may already have several property codes and you would like to get/send them all in one url or link, right? Enter all the property codes in the box below (with a space between each code) and then click search.


You would like to find something special/unique  and you know that it should be there, just enter a single keyword (or part of a keyword) in the box below to get results based on the presence of your keyword within the property description or surrounding landmarks.


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